If you think your town
can't afford video-based
marketing ... perhaps
you're living in a town
that is losing business.
Check out the dual-DVD
marketing plan that
Newport, Oregon,
is capitalizing on
  The very first presentation of the
Tourism DVD produced paydirt for
the forward-looking town that
commissioned it.
     Competing against "three or four
other towns" to host a Rotary Club
conference, Chamber project director
Lisa Noah said it was the DVD that
tipped the balance and "got the
business," bringing some 600 Rotary
delegates to town with as much as
$90,000 in hotel room bookings alone.
     By comparison, the DVD project
cost less than $20,000 to produce and
will be used for at least five more
years to attract similar events to the
"little town that could" on the Central
Oregon Coast.

DVD Contents Include:
  "Our Economic Development DVD is an
important marketing tool that is being used
to attract new business to Newport," said
Chamber Director Susan Huntington. "The
[Davey] Award reflects not just the high
quality of the DVD production itself, but of
the greater Newport business community
as well."
     Davey Awards are presented by the
International Academy of the Visual Arts,
which opines that, "Great work is about
fresh ideas, intelligence, and outside the
box thinking, not the biggest budget."
     Echoing that philosophy, Rose Reed of
Newport LazerQuick said, "Winning this
award shows that our local talent ranks
nationally not only in quality, but in
leading-edge style as well."

DVD Contents Include:

     To learn how your community might
benefit from video-based marketing,
contact Digital Video Designs today!
"Yeah! This is
beautiful! We
premiered the
DVD last night
and everyone
loved it! They
wanted to know
where Newport is
so they could visit.
The video is
  • welcome
  • arts, culture, attractions
  • recreation
  • dining, lodging, shopping
  • meeting & events facilities
  • annual events
— Lisa Noah,
Newport Chamber of
PO Box 2048  /  Newport, OR 97365

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