Video is the single-most effective marketing medium
because it combines sight, sound, motion and
emotion to
motivate consumer action in ways that other media cannot.
     Delivered on a DVD disc, a "Digital Video Brochure"
can encompass the best elements of your print- and web-
based marketing materials, while adding full-screen,
broadcast-quality video in a single high-impact, low-cost
sales tool that will command attention and produce results.
     According to market research, video has such a high
"perceived value" among consumers that a staggering 90%
of prospects who receive a DVD from you
will watch it:

Market research further shows that:

     With duplication and packaging costs lower than they
have ever been, "Digital Video Brochures" have never made
more sense — even small businesses can afford and use
them profitably. Larger companies have managed to cut
their print marketing costs, while exponentially increasing
their ROI, virtually overnight!

     If you're ready to start getting more bang for your
hard-earned marketing bucks, contact DVDesigns to learn
more about "Digital Video Brochures" today.
Viewers of the award-winning DVD Brochure
produced for The Inn at Otter Crest are greeted
by six interactive buttons that allow them to
navigate immediately to the topic that most
interests them:

     In ten minutes of broadcast-quality video,
viewers can
see the Inn's luxury accommodations ...
hear waves crashing on the beach ... and watch the
birds and whales and seals and sunsets for which
the Inn is renowned. Traditional marketing media
simply can't compare, or compete.
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