Even — or especially — nonprofits need
video production services, too.
    "I believe in the Oregon Coast Aquarium's
mission, and admire what it brings to the
community I live in," says Howard Shippey,
DVDesigns founder."I pretty much consider
myself a 'video volunteer' there."
    The Nature Conservancy of Alaska, a
wildlife refuge in California, and other not-for-
profit "good causes" have received video
services from Shippey they might otherwise
have struggled without. His advice? "If you're
a nonprofit reading this, t
ell us what you need.
If there's a will, we'll find a way.
Howard Shippey and OCA Director Dale Schmidt
"share the glory" of the Telly Award earned by the
"DVD Postcard of the Central Oregon Coast," a version
of which Shippey customized for the Aquarium for sale
in its gift shop. He also videotaped release of a
rehabilitated harbor seal pup, and created B-Roll
footage for news media to use.
   "The DVD postcard produced by Digital Video Designs is a work
of art that we are proud to sell our visitors and send to our clients and
potential donors," says Cindy Hanson, the Aquarium's marketing
"We have heard comments such as, 'It made me realize how
lucky I am to live here!' and 'I felt tears welling up in my eyes, it was
so beautiful!'
    "When Howard was here shooting the footage, he spent hours
getting just the right shot. He's very patient and is willing to wait for
just the right moment that he knows will tug at the heart strings. He
knows intuitively what it takes to help people connect with our animals
and our mission.
    "The fact that the postcard won an award was a bonus:  
We knew it was award-winning material the first time we saw it!"
Shooting the Snowy Plover
Exhibit at the Aquarium
PO Box 2048  /  Newport, OR 97365